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With sincere apologies to British artist Peter Phillips, I have used a portion of his 1972 painting¬†“Art-O-Matic Loop di Loop” to Jazz up this blog. Chances are you recognize it as the album cover art for The Cars 1984 release “Heartbeat City”, which featured hits like “You Might Think” and “Drive”, among others.

As you can see, I molested the artist’s original intentions by altering the color of the car from what I imagine was Sherwood Green Metallic (GF3) to something resembling my Blue Sky (HB1) Duster. My Duster isn’t equipped with the cool flat black hood but the artwork didn’t look very good when I changed it. Let’s call it creative license. Unless, of course, I paint my hood flat black! Then we can call it life imitating art.

Peter Phillips is considered one of the fathers of the pop art movement. Many of his works feature automotive and mechanical themes. And of course, pretty girls. Hard to go wrong there. I doubt you came to this blog for an art history lesson, so I’ll make this short. If you are interested in the life and work of Peter Phillips you can check out his site. Pretty interesting, in my opinion.

Here are a few more of his paintings:

Selec-O-Mat Techtotempest

Select-O-Mat Rear Axle

Art-O-matic Cuda Cutie